Goddess Jewelry

Daisy Drop Earrings

$42.00 USD

Flower Drop earrings for a cute touch and a sunny day

  • 18K Gold Plated/Rhodium Plated,
  • Sterling Silver Posts
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Anti-tarnish, anti-allergy, nickel-free.
  • Designed in USA

Daisy Drop Earrings capture the essence of springtime joy, dangling delicately with the whimsy of freshly bloomed flowers. Each petal dances with the wearer's movements, radiating youthful energy and natural beauty. With their charming design, these earrings infuse any look with a touch of botanical elegance, evoking memories of sunny days and fragrant blooms.

Jewelry Care

Please avoid contact with moisture or alcohol products (e.g: lotions, sprays, perfumes and hand sanitizer) for all plated jewelry. Take off your jewelry and store it in a dry place (our purple satin pouch) before exercise and bed. We also highly recommend to take your jewelry off when you wash your hands and keep it as dry as possible. It helps prolong the nature of its color and shine.

For more information about cleaning and jewelry care, please contact us in email: info@shopminides.com

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